If there are any who read my work I am seriously considering ending my blog since I don’t have a lot of readers. I was a loyal contributor to Gather for quite a while. While there my writing wasn’t as good not by a long shot but I had considerably more readers than I do here. It was there that my love for writing was fostered. gather suffered a sad end far before it should have. I was hoping that WordPress would be a lot like Gather but after a bit over 6 months I find that it is not. Β My last post only generated a minimum amount of interest sadly. I will give it one more post to see if I can generate any more interest. I sincerely hope that it does.

To my loyal readers: Thank you I am most grateful. The time that you spent reading my work is much appreciated and your comments very valued. There must be a better site to help me develop in to a more skilled writer. I hoped that WordPress would be such a place. It does not appear to be. I shall keep looking.


Kevin A. Ewing

MEd, Special Educator, author and Coach.